4 thoughts on “Sarah PoV (~4minutes)”

  1. KawaiiDetectiveEnthusiast (KDE), i beg you, please, make Little Update for that animations:

    Alice Rented Out (Add Scenes with Kara)
    Batgirl and Robin (Robin Cum on Batgirl’s Mask and Suit)
    Bhadra Regrets Her Choices (Add Scenes with Sarah)
    Cassie Quinn in the Bar (Add Scenes with Other Girls)
    Clementine Says Stay at Home (Version with Clothed in All Scenes, Boy Cum on Clementine in All Scenes (Face, Hair, Body & Clothed); DON’T/NOT Removing Cum on Face, Hair, Body & Clothed)
    Clementine XMas (DON’T/NOT Removing Cum (Sperm) on Clementine (Face, Hair, Mouth, Body, Legs, Hands, Pussy) and Other Items (Phone with Camera, Bear))
    Dafnee the Honor Student (Add Fuck Scenes with Sarah, Clementine & Cassie)
    Ellie’s Pizza Delivery (DON’T/NOT Removing Cum (Sperm) on Ellie’s Clothed and Кепка)
    Juliet Makes a Porno (Version with Clothed on Juliet in All Scenes)
    Harley Quinn and Catwoman Trade BJ (Joker Faster Catwoman Face Fuck, Batman and Joker Cum on Harley Quinn and Catwoman (Face, Mask, Hair & Clothed), DON’T/NOT Removing Cum)

    1. I appreciate the passion but I am not going back and editing old stuff sorry (half of these I don’t even have the files for) – for what its worth I hear you on leaving cum, but it is very rarely practical to do so – they are frequently tied to the specific shot they happen in

  2. Maybe a just remaster OR remake on new engine (Blender, Unreal Engine 5) for that animation?:

    Clementine X-Mas (with All new EXPERIMENTAL features)
    Ellie’s Pizza Delivery (with All new EXPERIMENTAL features)
    Dafnee the Honor Student (with All new EXPERIMENTAL features)
    Clementine Says Stay at Home (with All new EXPERIMENTAL features)
    Harley Quinn and Catwoman Trade BJ (with All new EXPERIMENTAL features)
    Emma School & Emma Afterschool (with All new EXPERIMENTAL features) (combine two videos in one, add child in classroom, DON’T/NOT removing cum on glass, face, hair and clothed)

    P.S.: Please! I would like to see these animations with that’s EXPERIMENTAL features, created from zero!! PLEASE!!!

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