6 thoughts on “Clementines er… Holidays (10:15)”

    1. I’m new to your site and love why I’ve seen. I’m not sure how you go about all the voicing and stuff but I do know there are some performers on psstaudio that would be into it. The performer Sunshine that posts on there does some really hot stories and has an awesome younger girl voice.

      1. Yea the big issue is there is (from my experience) a pretty big gap between people who do what they fancy for fun, and when it comes time to actually do something as a paid professional. There have been a few people over the years who I have contacted who had audios that were well in the wheelhouse of what I make, but they are never actually prepared to do it for an animation either never responding or just turning it down. For the most part I have given up and now it is pretty much needing a voice actress who will do the content, rather than someone who will do similar content and then ask them to voice act.

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