8 thoughts on “Sarah webcam (~6min)”

    1. So far so good, but like everyone, it’s a pain in the butt and may slow some stuff down, will be making a note about it when I put up the next animation tonight/tomorrow

  1. Hi, I wanted to know where did you happen to get the other male model? Not the Kieran model I’ve had that one for a long while. I can’t seem to find that one anywhere and I’ve only ever seen one other SFM artist use it until I came across your videos. Obviously it’s not on SFMlab, is it on another site?

    1. He is about – usually as ShaotekShota, he isnt Private but I dont remember exactly where or who I got him from. If you want to send me a message on discord (or pixiv or twitter whatever) I am happy to shoot a link

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