9 thoughts on “Halloween animation (6:40)”

  1. I wanna say, I think Laura is a secret star (totally into Sarah anyway), but would prefer more direct sexual activities, I think there is too much pointless fetish stuff and edgy ugliness in artificial porn these days.

      1. I don’t disagree, I tend to eschew monsters and the like. But they come out occasionally and Halloween seems like a good time for it. I also think it is just the nature of 3d that it encourages those edge scenarios – things that you simply cant indulge in any real environment.

    1. Is an Azula thing in early access, currently on a PoV piece with Witcher ladies, then something with the Casting Couch series so I don’t abandon it, then will be setting up for next Sleepover (Ellie/Vic) and have another couple Thott patrol shorts I want to do.

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