1 thought on “Frost / Skarlett BJ (~1:30)”

  1. I would love to see another part for Sherry, & maybe thow in Natalia Korda into the mix. I would very much appreciate if you perhaps thought about doing some work for Kronika from Mortal Kombat 11. I think her face model is beautiful, so it balances out that fact that she’s bald, & even then it doesn’t bother me. Maybe you can do scene where the dude cums on Kronika’s nice bald head & face lol. I also have a thing for feet, & so I noticed that with her beautiful legs she can do footjobs. Kronika hasn’t received much love from the SFM community, & I would love to see some work done on her. I highly urge you to consider it Kawaii lol. Plus that’s just my preference anyways.

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