Sarah atac (~1:20)

Sarah thing. Bit of an annoying one, its slightly all over the place cause it was done as a test for a possible VA who then just vanished. Which is a pain in the ass, but oh well.

This older content (pre Substar/Fanbox) has been sent to the $10 Archive available to $10 subs through either Subcribestar or Pixiv Fanbox.

Other than that rendering out Clem loops for the game about half way done with that. Probably loops next week.

2 thoughts on “Sarah atac (~1:20)”

  1. Sarah is my favorite character and no one does her better than you, in my opinion! loving her with the glasses! anyway you could do one with her with long hair?

  2. I actually had the pony tail for this origionally, but it clipped into the bed too much. I dont really like her “long”version of her normal hair (cause the model is just her short hair stretched).
    This model has some other hairs though that I want to use.

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