Kieran waiting in the office (~8:30)

Nothing worse as a kid than being stuck at your moms work right…

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I wonder that this is just getting very close to straight up too long. I mean it is meant to be “arduous” but still.. 8 minutes might be a bit much. But just sort of kept adding to it. Also has the two longest single shots  have ever done.

Also as a prior warning there may not be a long animation next month (still a couple 1 minute type things). I really want to get the Clementine game finished and get a solid portion of the next Sleepover part done. BOth of those are going to be high time commitments. Then this obviously ate up a boat load of time I hadn’t factored in. I toyed with doing this as two 4 minute vids, but in the end nothing is really gained from that.

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