8 thoughts on “Laura still needs cash (~2min)”

    1. You cant sorry, well you can make an account, but it wont do much. The way the plugin works, is when you do it the first time, it looks at the token Patreon responds with saying what your username / password are and creates an account on the site with respective permissions. Every time after it compares the current token to the stored one and determines access level. So if you just make a wordpress account, there is no connection there to tell the plugin what your access is.
      If you are trying a to get something specific to work grab me on discord can give a more detailed response.

  1. Hi! This is really a comment about “Liza snow makes some money (Subversive Creativity collab)” but hey, same character! Anyway, I thought the way the dog fuck was introduced was really cool, and it was nice to see a bit of canine action – am I right in thinking that is the only bit of bestiality in your work? Any chance of seeing some more?

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