Clementine meets some nice lads (~4:30)

The alternate title for this is “check your models to make sure they aren’t a night mare to work with”. I like the teen (18+ for sure) Clem, still never played the games though. Big thanks to Candy for fitting in time to do the voice, needed some specific parts I couldn’t have faked.

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So a large part of this is testing exposition as stills, its why it has so much. I am interested in feedback. Doing full animation exposition like in Sleepover takes a loooot of time, while the exposition in this (from start to sex start) took like a day. But I am interested in peoples views in the value of each approach? Sleepover is at detail stage so will go to voice soon I hope. Not sure what will be next, I have a thing with the new thicc Tracey might be what I finish up, or may

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    1. Same as usual, opens up on late Saturday / Sunday. As I have said before there isn’t really any actual change here as far as stuff being posted, these were always on the mega before they were posted on weekends, the only change is I am saying when they go on mega now for $10 people.

        1. Content made before 2018 has been moved to the Substar/Pixiv $10 Archive. Sorry.Content made before 2018 has been moved to the Substar/Pixiv $10 Archive. Sorry.

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