Hi and welcome to my page!

This page provides links and details for gaining access to my 3D animations, as well as a file list for the $10+ archive available through Subscribestar or Pixiv Fanbox. Note that there are no files available here, and if you are accessing the old posts directly they are no longer updated.

There are two options when it comes to supporting my work, either through Subscribestar or Pixiv Fanbox. Both sites provide access to exactly the same content, they are simply different ways of paying.

If you have any questions or want to ask me any questions, the best way is through my public Pixiv Account, or through Twitter

Subscribestar works the same as Patreon. Simply sign up as a subscriber to get access to content for that tier. Website content is mirrored on Subscribestar and notifications of updates / new posts are sent through their site. However, be aware that they do not accept Paypal as a payment method.

If you are looking for example of my work without subbing, you can check out the free content released on my public Pixiv or you may want to check my Baraag account.

Below you can find a list of my most recent animations currently available to subscribers!

Recent Animations

AJ x Clementine in the ‘Stang

Alice PoV

Clementine drunken decisions

Emma and Friend

Powergirl wrestles the Milflander

Raeza restrained

Sarah PoV

Sherry Abducted – Part 9

These are simply the most recent videos, if you are interested in seeing a list with the contents of the Archive you can click below to go to the Archive index

Click below to go to the archive list:

Please note. If you are here because this page used to post content, it no longer does. All the content that is available to subscribers is now gotten directly from Subscribestar or Pixiv Fanbox. This page simply provides an archive list.