These are links to the various SFM porn tutorials that have been sequestered by tumblr.

I have over the course of the last while done a few tutorials aimed specifically at SFM porn. You can find links to them below, along with some additional material.

If you are totally new I strongly suggest checking out some you tube tutorials and the documentation. If you are determined to jump straight in then this video provides some absolute basics for the Source Filmmaker interface and how to navigate around models.

3 Part Tracer series.

These tutorials are designed to provide a basic work flow from starting with models to having a reasonable finished animation using the graph editor. They contain links to the dmx files used and links to all related resources and should be a good starting point. All three tutorials follow on from each other directly and are designed to be completed in order.

Tutorial 1 – This tutorial covers up to making both characters in a scene move in a pretty robotic fashion.

Tutorial 2 – This tutorial involves adding some additional reactive movement to make our animation seem more fluid.

Tutorial 3 – In this tutorial we look at offsets to increase realism, basic camera settings and rendering your file as an image sequence.

Tips and Shorts

This is just some simple tips I found useful or short tutorials on aspects of SFM smut.

Porn TipsĀ  – restting models, creating easy movement mid points…

Tutorial Jigglebones – A short tutorial on jiggle bones and how they are used in SFM.

Video tutorials

These are video based tutorials. They all assume a basic knowledge of SFM and deal with things that are less set in stone than the text ones.

Blow Job – This is a 40 minute BJ tutorial, with some generally applicable tips and tricks as well. Goes through the basic posing to mostly completed loop. The associated DMX can be found here.

Hip Swings- these are about using the hip bone to create a realistic hip swing to convey speed, impact and to make a loop look less robotic.

His – Creating his core loop

Hers – Creating her reactive loop

Animating cumshots (DMX file)- this is a very simple tute on the basics of how I animate cumshots. Note that there is no step by step process really here, it is different every time; this just attempts to outline the very basics.

Alternate (read: not mine) resources

These are things that I used and found helpful when making animations:

I will add to this page if and when I do more tutorials. If there is a specific thing you would like information on let me know.