Kieran waiting in the office (~8:30)

Nothing worse as a kid than being stuck at your moms work right…


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I wonder that this is just getting very close to straight up too long. I mean it is meant to be “arduous” but still.. 8 minutes might be a bit much. But just sort of kept adding to it. Also has the two longest single shots  have ever done.

Also as a prior warning there may not be a long animation next month (still a couple 1 minute type things). I really want to get the Clementine game finished and get a solid portion of the next Sleepover part done. BOth of those are going to be high time commitments. Then this obviously ate up a boat load of time I hadn’t factored in. I toyed with doing this as two 4 minute vids, but in the end nothing is really gained from that.

After party

This was originally a loop, then it became 3 loops, then a ending. Next up we leave Sarah and Kieran behind for a bit. I have voice stuff back for Clem so starting the fine tuning on that. I have also finished the core animation for next part of The Sleepover. As I had mentioned I am splitting the piece into 2, so this will be Laura part, primarily just due to the length it ended up (around 7 minutes on its own)

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The sound is something of a trial and error for a problem I am going to run into at some point with the sleepover, has science gone too far?

Lastly for $10 people, you will be able to find mega links to loops here on the website so you don’t need to sort through mega. One of the benefits of the setup here is I can embed stuff inside posts themselves that is visible / hidden, so one post can contain things only you guys can see.