Clementine meets some nice lads (~4:30)

The alternate title for this is “check your models to make sure they aren’t a night mare to work with”. I like the teen (18+ for sure) Clem, still never played the games though. Big thanks to Candy for fitting in time to do the voice, needed some specific parts I couldn’t have faked.

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So a large part of this is testing exposition as stills, its why it has so much. I am interested in feedback. Doing full animation exposition like in Sleepover takes a loooot of time, while the exposition in this (from start to sex start) took like a day. But I am interested in peoples views in the value of each approach? Sleepover is at detail stage so will go to voice soon I hope. Not sure what will be next, I have a thing with the new thicc Tracey might be what I finish up, or may