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Wonder Woman PoV (~1:30)

Something of a quick test of the Wonder Woman model. I like the idea more than I like the execution. Might revisit it at some point, will definitely revisit the model at the least, anyway they cant all be winners…


I am opening this for everyone at once since it is more of a model test. It will be going public within a week or so.

Sarah game (Visual Novel)

Just posting this here, since I posted it in Discord and Pixiv don’t want members to think I am not posting stuff. It is just a short beta visual novel game with Sarah. Just covers a single encounter with some choices along the way, primarily to practice and see if there might be interest in the idea – I think something like Sleepover might work well with it, providing a more interactive experience with meaningful choice.

link (~140mb)

Again this was made in a night so the images and transitions are rough, its not representative of what a finished product would look like. Sorry for the inevitable spelling errors.

Added mac version:

mac version