Sleepover Extra with Victoria (~2min)

So first thing this is more in the style of that Sunny short, with some quality corners cut for length. Full disclosure.


This was an idea that I had for a scene before they got back from the party. Was going to be the dude making a move on a passed out Ellie (after she puked) and Victoria stepping in and “distracting” him. But it didn’t fit and the Ellie part was already long enough.

So decided to lengthen it out and give it a bit more body. Clementine game is taking longer than planned, but mostly waiting on some parts now before it gets packed up. Should still be during this month (I keep saying that).

Thanks again for the support I know the last month or so been a bit hectic.


Sleepover day 3 night – Ellie (~6min)

Next sleepover part. This time Ellie goes out for the night and comes home the worse for wear. As always sort of doing a best I can with voice audio. One of the looming issues I am going to run into is how best to handle voicing when multiple girls are in the same scene, especially Laura / Sarah stuff.

mega (~450mb)