Clementine’s visit 1.0

Damn did this take longer than planned. Lots of things could be done better, and I dunno about the general idea vs time it takes. But here it is anyway. In a few weeks will talk a bit more about what did and didn’t work and see what / if people are interested in more VN/Game type stuff



Linux TAR

I have tested it as best I can, if you run into a crash let me know I will fix it ASAP. Advanced apologies there is just a chance I missed a link somewhere (again, things I could have done better).

Also thanks to people for understanding the schedule change. This is sort of a poster child for that. If I had been rushing to get things out last and this weekend this would still be a solid week away from release.

To the game, there are 3 distinct ends and a few different positions. I will post a choice guide in a week or two if. It was really the linking it all up that made it take so long.

Anyway back to animations for now. Should be a new one in a few days .

Clementine game v0.6

This is a work in progress release of the Clementine game I have been working on. It is a visual novel style “game” that basically deals with a branching encounter.



The current version stops before sex but contains a couple of masturbation / blowjob routes to explore. Again thanks to VoiceLikeCandy for putting up with the strange workflow I used to make this.

As always I am interested to hear feedback about what does and doesn’t work, or if you encounter any bugs.

This is mostly still a case of testing what I can do with the engine. I have plans and ideas for other games, and will be finishing this off over the next couple of weeks (it should be a lot quicker now I know how to do what I want), then seeing if there is any interest in a more game oriented experience (currently I am thinking a Lara Croft trainer, or a DC crime game). If there is interest I can also look at releasing the assets stand alone (or munging a video out of them), I appreciate some people just don’t get the appeal of visual novels.