Laura’s Trick or Trick (~1:50)

“I wanted a peanut…”

“$20 can buy many peanuts…”

“Explain how!”

Laura goes trick or “treating”


This was pretty quick obviously (for a joke holiday anim). Next long thing will be Sleepover (Sarah / Laura), with a couple request loops and maybe the next part of Sunny/Lily if Sleepover is taking too long

Sunny x Lily – Part A (~1:30)

Something of an experiment. Rather than go long periods, I am going to have a “running” animation that gets released in parts. When I am frustrated with the current project / want to get something up, I will do another part. So that is what this is, part A of Sunny/Lily…


Like I say, it will eventually end up as a 5 – 7 minute type thing, just done in parts. When its done I will combine it all up into 1 and start something new.

As an added note I made a Subscribestar.

Page can be found here

Just a note though I imagine it charges when you join, so keep that in mind. I plan to use this month to test a few things out with it, so while it will have all the content it may have some teething.