Sunny expanded (~2:30)

As I mentioned on discord, Harley was going to be delayed again, so I banged this together. Been a few people asking for more Sunny and since the set / models are all basically there just expanded it out. Some parts are rougher than others, but then it was also done in a couple of days (pretty much full days, but nonetheless…).


Should (hopefully) have voice for Harley in next couple of days, then its Harley, finish the Clementine game and finish a Lara / Kieran shota piece.

Ellie (~6 min)

An Ellie thing. Its been something of an Ellie-centric last few long animations. As with all Ellie stuff I hate the sound, but it is what it is. Also tried a different male just to switch it up. Not really sold on Dante but eh.

Also partly an experiment in letting the loops run longer. Some people have said they think the positions go by too fast, so something to maybe mediate that.


Next up is loops / a 1 minuter. The next long piece is going to be more Kieran adventures, this time with Lara.