Supergirl (~1:20)

Sometimes, things just don’t work. I think this piece is cursed. I know what I wanted to do but dammit if it just at no stage wanted to cooperate.Delays with animation, redid chunks of it multiple times, stuff didn’t come out looking right, voice didn’t work properly (Candy basically said to throw her voice work out). Blegh…

Will have to do something else with her to make up for it…


Sarah game (Visual Novel)

Just posting this here, since I posted it in Discord and Pixiv don’t want members to think I am not posting stuff. It is just a short beta visual novel game with Sarah. Just covers a single encounter with some choices along the way, primarily to practice and see if there might be interest in the idea – I think something like Sleepover might work well with it, providing a more interactive experience with meaningful choice.

link (~140mb)

Again this was made in a night so the images and transitions are rough, its not representative of what a finished product would look like. Sorry for the inevitable spelling errors.

Added mac version:

mac version

Sleepover day 3 night – Ellie (~6min)

Next sleepover part. This time Ellie goes out for the night and comes home the worse for wear. As always sort of doing a best I can with voice audio. One of the looming issues I am going to run into is how best to handle voicing when multiple girls are in the same scene, especially Laura / Sarah stuff.

mega (~450mb)