Lara works the bar (~3:00)

This has beenin pieces for aaages probably close to 5 months or so was a total pain in the ass (and I think some of the animation shows that). Was primarily an attempt to try something with music and results are a bit mixed. Probably one of the biggest things is a lot of short animations where 80% of the work for a longer thing is already done. Also had significant sounding issues but that;s nothing new lol, Oh well.



Next up is loops / ellie in sleepover and will depend on how much time that is taking as to which is next.

Katarina audition (~1:20)

Obviously this week has sucked and been a pain in the ass, as well as sucking up my time. Here is something quick.
Not sure what I am going to do about rewards yet, but more than likely I will be adding some level of mega access to $5. I am thinking giving monthly access at $5 and keeping $10 as it is with full access, so at the end of the month the “Monthly” folder gets cleaned out and started again.
I still want to include some level of request thing because I like doing them, especially the loops they are a good excuse to try things I wouldn’t do otherwise. Happy to hear suggestions.
To compound issues is dead so the only video host left for bigger stuff really is mixtape. I am interested if anyone has trouble with mega links? They might need to just become the norm.
Next thing will be a part 2 of Laura the junkie partly to just test the waters, partly to see what happens.
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