Ellie revisted (~3min)

This ended up way longer than I planned. I really don’t know why it took so long, its one of those pieces I look at finished and wonder why. You may also notice I didn’t really know how to end it, in the end I decided to leave it hanging so I can come back to it if I want.



I am going to try and get some older stuff done (and next part of sleepover) next, but will probably pepper in some shorter stuff. Specifically a thing with Lara in a bar and finally getting round to wrapping up the Kieran / Vic abductors vid.

Clementines babby (~1:20)

So I flat wasn’t going to finish Ellie on time and I kind of want to keep trying to get something up each week (its a way to ensure consistency and that I keep working on things). So took a sharp left down Clementine street and churned this out quickly. PoV is a good way to get something out quick.



I don’t really know what the prevailing opinion is, I suspect most wouldn’t care if there wasn’t something every week, but I think it makes me faster at doing things and hopefully(?) people aren’t seeing a massive quality drop off. Should buy me enough time to finish Ellie by next week.