Sarah web-camming (~2:30)

Thing I wanted to go back to trying for a while and an opportunity presented. Definitely better than the first attempt at any rate. Thanks again to Candy for stepping in at extremely short notice for audio, if you have a problem with it blame me cause she didn’t think it was good enough to use.


Next is catching up on raffles, Chico and Paz, followed by Ellie. At this point I will hedge my bets and say there may be a skipped update some time in January. I usually have a pretty good feel for where I am on different projects and I don’t have a heap of stuff close to finished; its just a factor of time, I have pushed a couple of minutes of animation a week pretty much for about 4 months, and that is eventually going to catch up. I would hope people appreciate that this takes time

Sarah’s cookie (Santa ~3:50)

So got this done on time, touch rushed in some places but so be it. Huge thanks to Candy for basically doing the voice in a half day turn around, which not only gave me audio for stuff I couldn’t fake (like the muffle) but saved me a day or two of putting together sound. Thank you!



I am finished now with work stuff for a while so next week or so is hopefully a chance to catch up on some stuff. Upcoming things include:

  • Another Sarah thing, solo this time
  • Ellie gets a visitor again
  • Paz gets to relive Ground Zeroes

After that my hope is to finally get a chance to get stuck back into the Sleepover and get this next Ellie part done.

Glory (~2:30m)

I asked a friend for a simple animation and they suggested Cyberpunk which is fair I am a solid fan, especially of Shadowrun.It was meant to be a quick simple PoV yeah that didn’t last long. Plus sometimes its fun to just do extra shit beyond fuckin.


I like the look of the Glory model, but I wouldn’t touch her on a run. No wired reflexes? No dermal? Razors instead of spurs? That’s a body bag on my old groups runs…