This webpage is the archive for all of my 3D animations. It contains nearly all work that has been posted in the past and new ones when they are released to subscribers. 5 day early access to posts are available with Mega access to $5 and $10 subscribers to Subscribestar and Pixiv Fanbox. Access to the protected content of the site is done by providing the website password to the post. Providing it once will open access to all posts (you will not need to enter it for every post).
Please note there are no benefits to registering for this site beyond the ability to send me a direct message, the password for content is not tied to nor related to registering here.

Subscribestar works in a  manner very similar to Patreon. Simply sign up to get access to content. Website content is mirrored on Subscribestar and notifications of updates / new posts are sent through their site. However be aware that they do not accept Paypal as a payment method.

Pixiv’s Fanbox is again very similar to Patreon and Substar sites. Choose a tier and sign up. Content is mirrored here and other places. Of note there is no NSFW content posted directly to Pixiv, instead there are image posts when new content is available. This is so Paypal can be used (it cannot be used on NSFW Fanbox pages). Note that Pixiv is a Japanese site, and uses Yen as the payment currency. All tiers are matched to other sites with around a 20c difference.

The passwords to this site and Mega folders are changed at the start of each month, so please be aware of that. For questions / notice when things are first posted you are welcome and encouraged to check discord, or message me through any of my media links, or of course Subscribestar. As always I strongly encourage you to check publicly available versions of my works before you subscribe, I often explore darker themes and some of the content may not be to your liking.

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